Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalha
Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalha
General Information
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Writer(s): Steve Bryant
Artist(s): * Steve Bryant
  • Junbob Kim
Colors: * Chad Fidler

Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalha is an adventure story starring Athena Voltaire and Desmond Forsyth and written by Steve Bryant. It is also the first adventure presented within the Athena Voltaire Compendium.


After receiving information from the Secret Intelligence Service, Desmond warns Athena of a threat involving the Nazis and their search for a lost kingdom hidden from the human eye. After learning that the Thule Society is involved and their intentions, Athena and Desmond races down to stop the Nazis from finding the lost kingdom and uncovering their secrets to harness great power that was once long lost.



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